Blend, But Don't Break

A Planning Guide for Blending New Step-families

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Engage in a guided discussion to align on essential blended family topics and assess your relationship skills

Learn the key success factors to blending new step-families and discover what it takes to overcome common blended family challenges

Forming a “blended” step-family after divorce is exciting and rewarding, yet often filled with many unforeseen challenges and complexity. This book provides a simple-to-follow planning process for two partners contemplating moving in together with children from a prior relationship. First, it will guide you through a series of questions to help you define where you each stand on common blended family topics. Next, it will help each partner assess your level of proficiency with the most common skills required in a successful blended family. Finally, it will help you declare your action plans and commitment to close your alignment gaps and/or develop your skills.

“Bend, but don’t break” is a common saying in American football when referring to a defense that gives a little yardage, but doesn’t allow the other team to score. This ultimately allows the team to win the game. If new partners planning to create a step-family plan, align and bend a little, you will be prepared to “blend, but don’t break.”

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Hi, my name is Mat Singer. My experience writing this book comes from growing up in two blended families and attempting to blend a new family of my own. I'm a devoted life-long learner and believe that knowledge = power. If you invest in learning about the keys to success of a blended family and you align expectations with your partner and children, you will give yourself the best odds of success!

I currently live just north of Denver, Colorado. When not writing, I raise my three children part-time, work at a local technology company, hike, ski, bike, paint and soak up the sunshine. I am thankful every day for my family , friends and health. Life is good!






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